paulcarp (paulcarp) wrote,

Red beans and rice...

Eight years ago, I was hitting the refresh command on the Times-Picayune website over and over, hoping something good would appear. It did. After reading of people gathering in the Marriott's hallways in order to avoid window shrapnel, after reading about attic gatherings and power outages, after reading about wind damage, I just wanted to read that the sun had risen again.

Then, silence. No matter how I tried, hitting 'refresh' didn't change the last entry at the time: "Red beans and rice..." The sun did rise, and with it the waters of New Orleans rose. And then New Orleans sat underwater for six weeks. At least, 80% of it did anyway.

That's a very nice number. New Orleans population is up to 80% of pre-Katrina population. Tomorrow, August 29th, I'm going to eat a deluge of red beans and rice.
Tags: n'orleans
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