paulcarp (paulcarp) wrote,

Chinese dinner

So, you go to a Chinese restaurant. There's four of you. You each order your own entree. 14.95 apiece, let's say.

Next time, you go and get family style. Same amount of food, but it's only $12.00 apiece.

Now, let's say you're a larger group. You get everything you wanted, but it's $9.00 each.

So, you go again, but this time someone says they forgot their wallet. So it's $11.00 each, but one person is covered.

There will come a point where, even if you get everything you want, you will begrudge the guy who didn't have his wallet. How many people must forget wallets before you have to pay more than if you got your own entree?

Here is the Republican mindset. They would rather pay more than allow one person to pay less.

Republicans hate dim-sum. And they don't want you to have it because of their fear that someone, somewhere, isn't paying their share.
Tags: politics
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