paulcarp (paulcarp) wrote,

PTHS Redskins

The Port Townsend High School (where I graduated) got a new superintendent, who wants to get rid of the name 'The Redskins.' This name has been in use since at least 1926. (I haven't been able to figure out how to write "their mascot is the Redskins," so I'll have to ignore my subject/verb agreement for the rest of this.)

This is an issue many PT alumni feel strongly about. Some think the superintendent should be focusing on improving resources and educational opportunities. Some cling, almost religiously, to the name. Local natives, as in 1972 when this same issue came up, are fighting to save the name. Of course, others agree with the discontinuation, from mildly stating that the mascot is no longer appropriate for our times, all the way to emphatically declaring it racist and derogatory.

It is fascinating following this debate, taking place largely on an almost-public facebook group for PTHS alums, and on the opinion pages of the Port Townsend Leader.

Here's what I think: for now, keep the name. It's part of tradition and history for those in PT.

But don't ever name another team or school mascot that again.
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