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Mystery Book Shipment #13

Received: 1 carton of books and stuff from an anonymous sender.

The Original The Poor Man's James Bond Vol. 1, credited to Kurt Saxon
aka, The Poor Man's James Bond, aka The Original "Poor Man's James Bond"

This book has millions of words, and doesn't seem to be designed to be read straight through. But that's what I did. Cover to cover. Part anarchy (arson by electronics), part military (hand-to-hand combat), part chemistry (making fireworks). Some of it is outdated, some of it is timeless. I think my favorite parts were about testing the stability of explosives (which I don't personally plan to ever do). Disjointed, this work may have been compiled by a schizophrenic sociopath.

First paragraph:

     Over 50% of the adult population of the U.S. cannot follow the simplest instructions in this book. Eighty per cent cannot grasp the concepts in the following article by Professor Garrett Hardin.

So, despite the "purpose," which is to claim knowledge and levels of understanding that the readers won't possess (not to mention the evidence of that knowledge, which is in the form of someone else's essay), if you ignore the purpose, some of it is useful for reference. U.S. Marines & Army Hand-To-Hand Combat could be useful for writers dealing with fight scenes, for example.

Overall, it's a frightening collection of unrelated, re-published material, though, seemingly designed to be a bible of sorts for people who dream of a chance to correct society with an "I'll show them" attitude mixed with knowledge of explosives.

Thanks (I think) flankleft !

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